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I am proud to be riding across Alaska with the Alaska Realtors brand and the code it stands for; and I am so grateful for the support - your support is crucial and makes it all possible. Thank you!!

*CHECKPOINTS: This is our 'safe havens' of land along the race trail! There are 21 checkpoints -- Here we pick up the supplies we sent out such as dog food, extra clothes, dog supplies, booties and other gear. I ship out about 2200 lbs of supplies which cost 70 cents a lb. You can sponsor the checkpoint of your choice by using the drop down menu!

**SCHOOL PRESENTATION: A 40-minute school presentation will be given to a classroom or school assembly at either "a school in your name," or at 'your location of choice" in the Mat-su Valley and Anchorage area in the upcoming school year.

***SPONSOR-100-MILES: Iditarod is a 1000-mile race; Have 100 miles dedicated to your choice of name to be featured online, have the bragging rights :) and of course can be used in branding!

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