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Support Joar & Co. and show your excitement with Jœger - one of the superstars at Joar's kennel!


Jœger is now 3 years old and is ready for the big stage. His name means "Hunter" in Norwegian. And that is exactly what he is. Jœger chases down the trail barking his head off with excitement -- Just like his dad, "Hunter" (that's his name indeed), who is an All-star in Joar's kennel, one of the original 17 dogs that came over from Norway with Joar back in 2011.

The Classic w. Jœger


    We only have a few left in x-small and small - but you can order any size now as we are printing up new ones, and they should arrive in a few weeks!


    We ship with US Postal Service. It is a flat fee -- you pay the same for 1 as you do for 6!

    $8 shipping in the United States ; $15 shipping Internationally

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